Daedalus Remembered

Screenshot 2015-10-09 15.39.53

A painter translates Daedalus onto canvas

Drawing the inventor as a field hand who plows

uneven furrows that match the folds of his clothing

A tunic that should be long, flowing and Greek

boats in the background that should be pointed, narrow and sleek

* * *

Bruegel’s painting was medieval, staid and woolen

it captured a day the father remembered forever

the oddly green brightness of the sun as it

reflected upwards into an expansive sky

shining with cheerful possibilities as his child

Icarus slid into the sea with a splash, and died

My parents dragged me through huge museums in every country they visited and the privilege was completely lost on me. However, this month of October I am thoroughly enjoying a tour of old and new master paintings, and using them as writing prompts for poetry. It is good fun. A complete explanation of Ekphrastic poetry starts here with the talented Instructor John Brantingham, a local English professor. Join me!


About jkConibear

Judy is from neither here, nor there, but those places in between. She is a cross-cultural writer whose works are unified by themes of identity and belonging. She escapes her suburban life by typing up stories, much to the dismay of her starving family.

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  1. I love the poem, Judy. Also, thank you so much for spreading the word of the blog!

  2. Love you poem. And your blog. I miss you.

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